One day - 100€ per person

Canyoning Nevidio

Canyon Nevidio is 28km from Zabljak and is a part of small Komarnica that flows from Durmitor's south side Durmitor - Dobri Do. Canyon entrance, so as the nearby, two lakes, village Poscenje and waterfall Skakavica (70m), make this canyon one of the most beautiful places on Durmitor.

Canyon Nevidio is unique tourist attraction and also one among the last revealed canyons in Europe.
Length of the canyon is around 3000m and almost all visitors that conquer the canyon and go through say that that is one of the best days of their lifes.

We're one of not so many, if not the only one, that start canyoning from the beginning of June, when the water is still high and the canyoning is more attractive. We work from June till the end of October.
We start from the town center, from hotel Zabljak's parking. The adventure through the canyon lasts between 3 and 4 hours, depending on physical preparation and condition (physically prepared kids are also allowed).

What you get:

  • Transport from hotel Zabljak to the trucks and vice versa.
  • Full canyoning equipment (neopren suits, helmets, belts, shoes and gloves)
  • Insurance
  • National park taxes
  • Professional tour leader
  • Video, CD
  • Lunch

We give discount to groups!
We guarantee adrenaline.